Roads deformations

Reasons and the speed of roads deformations development may be estimated using satellite radar data.    

Ground deformations may be caused either by natural processes or by human activities. Those two types of deformations usually differ in size and the development speed. Roads are very vulnerable on destructive influence of both types of deformation which can cause damages and cracking of asphalt surfaces. It may significantly reduce or even make it impossible to use the deformed roads.

In order to maintain and develop the road network it is necessary to constantly monitor the ground deformations on the threatened areas. This task can be done using satellite SAR data. Two techniques used most often are DInSAR and PSInSAR.

DInSAR technique compares two SAR images of the same area taken at different moments in time. As a result a map of deformations occurring between the two acquisitions can be generated. Such a map may indicate the speed and type of deformation, as well as indicate possible threats for the road network.

PSInSAR technique provides the information about the small and long-term deformations in the stable points. Such points are usually very well identified on the road surface. This make the PSInSAR technique suitable for roads deformations monitoring.


At SATIM we offer the roads stability analysis based on DInSAR and PSInSAR techniques.


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