Coal mining impact on the environment

The imapct of mining exploitation on the environment can be determined based on the satellite radar and optical data


The mining exploitation causes many damages in the environment. The extent of these damages and their type and severity depend on many factors. The coal exploitation causes among other the transformation of areas affected by mining activities and formation of the strippings. The mining industry causes air emissions of dust and gas and also formation of different types of ground deformations. Another problem associated with underground mining is the mine drainage where the saline water is pumped out.

The impact of mining activities on the environment can be determied using  satellite or airborne data. Depending on the phenomenon that has to be analysed the optical or radar data can be exploited.  The optical data can be used, among others, to study the land degradation  and impact of mining activities on the biomass. In turn, the radar data, can be used to monitor ground deformation caused by mining exploitation.  

The SATIM offers analysis of  the impact of mining activity on the environment. The analyzes are based on processing of satellite and airborne data (radar and optical).


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