Open pit mines

The satellite radar interferometry technique derives information about surface deformation within area of open pit mines


The main problem that can occur during mining works within open pit mines is the issue of scarp stability. In order to improve the process of exploitation, the areas of particular vulnerability to landslides have to be recognized as well as the initial phase of surface deformations must be detected. The monitoring of subsidence caused by changes in the groundwater level in the foreland of the excavation pit is also very important. The ground deformation monitoring within open pit mines can be done using satellite radar interferometry and polarimetry methods.

The DInSAR (Differential Interferometry Synthetic Aperture Radar) method can  be used to  detect ground deformation that occurred within the study area in particular period of time. In turn, the use of radar polarimetry methods PolSAR (Polarimetric SAR) allows detecting changes in the nature of a radar wave reflection. Such changes can be correlated with the occurrence of landslides.

At SATIM we offer ground deformations monitoring within open pit mines.By using satellite radar interferometry and polarimetry methods it is possible to obtain results with high spatial and temporal resolution as well as high-precision of deformations measurements.



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