Stability of the constructions

SAR data allows monitoring of large engineering structures stability.


The large engineering structures, which are located within mining areas are particularly vulnerable to damages caused by surface deformation occurring in such regions. The monitoring of the stability of this type of structures plays a crucial role in ensuring their proper functioning, and what goes with it, also lead to the increased security of works connected with mining exploitation. The monitoring of stability of large engineering structures  can be carried out using satellite radar interferometry method.

The processing of SAR data using PSInSAR (Permanent Scatterer Interferometry SAR) technique allows to determine the values of vertical displacements for large engineering structures with millimeter accuracy. Depending of the exploited SAR images the measurements can be done every few, several or dozen days.



At SATIM we offer monitoring (single or continuous) of stability of large engineering structures based on SAR data processed using PSInSAR technique.


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