The occurrence of sink-hole can be predicted using DInSAR technique.Lej krasowy w Gwatemalii

The sink-hole is one of the basic types of vertical land movements. It arises as a result of rocks dissolution caused by surface and ground water. The limestone rocks are most frequently dissolve. The sink-holes appear also in dolomites, marls and gypsums.

The sink-hole usually arise due to sudden collapse of the surface under which a caverns occur. The extent of typical sink-hole can vary from few to several meters.

Before sink-hole formation the small surface deformations can occurred. The extend of these deformations has approximately oval shape which corresponds to the shape of the resulting sink-hole.

To detect surface movement pre-emergence sink-hole the DInSAR technology can be used. It provides information about small (centimeter) deformation of the surface. Using this technique the areas endangered by sink-hole formation can be identified and appropriate steps in order to save the infrastructure, buildings, roads, and also human life can be taken.



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